Using creativity for creating...

 have been saying how I can make something to hang our keys on for months...maybe longer...I really wanted to get the walls painted before I hung anything up but the keys hanging on the coat rack beneath the winter coats, sweatshirts, and hats are starting to bother me. Some days I have to just decide what is bugging me more, digging under a pile of coats for my keys or the inside painting not being finished. The keys won yesterday and I made a commitment to finish this project today.  This is an easy and fast project; my favorite kind. Here's the finished project on the unfinished wall.

There are only a couple steps:

Find a board or plaque. The one I used was leftover from a home project we were doing. I save all the scrap wood outside in a covered bin and look there before buying any. I didn't sand my board because I love texture. I painted it white, figured out where I wanted nails to be for the keyrings and grabbed my favorite roll of Time Holtz Idea-Ology Collage Paper and some Liquitex Matt Medium.

Instead of just laying the paper down as it comes, I like to tear up the paper and put the pieces wherever I feel like. Next, I affixed the paper onto the board and trimmed off the edges once it was dry. Then I realized it was too white and I wanted to add some color.

I mixed some acrylic craft paint with the leftover Liquitex Matt Medium I had already poured out. I wanted to add the colors I am using for the front room, very light orange and a little teal.

I got some twine I had leftover from the Christmas ornaments I made. To make the twine a little stronger,  braided three strands together. I added a couple eye hooks onto the top of the board, tied on the braided twine, and it was done. It took less than an hour and now I know where everyone's keys are supposed to be!

I really am enjoying the 2020 challenge I set for myself; to use my creativity every day throughout the year. I am not sure what that will look like for me however I am getting some projects finished. That is certainly encouraging. And I just pulled out three wooden boxes that have been waiting to become something fun. I need a couple jewelry boxes for myself...hmmm...

Do you have any creative projects in your head? Maybe a home DIY you wanted to try? Take a baby step and do just one thing towards that goal and remember to just play and have fun with it.


A time to start, a time to finish...

I am great at starting something...anything.
Finishing them up is another story.

Today I was tired and really not feeling creative. What I was feeling like doing was to pile the blankets and pillows on the couch and laying there all day. Have you ever had days like that? 

As good as hibernating sounded, I had to get up and moving albeit very slowly. My youngest son called to borrow my car tomorrow and I remembered the 3 pc. set of mixed media paintings I had done for his girlfriend and I had told her they were finished...almost...I just needed another coat of sealer and they would be on the wall of her dragonfly room within the week. I knew I needed to seal those up today so I can send them off tomorrow. I got busy. 

And as I signed the pieces, I felt a great joy knowing these three mixed media paintings would be going to the home they were created for.

Once I was finished, I saw a plaque board that I had painted white. I started this project a month ago and just put it aside for a lack of feeling like finishing it. This board was going to be the place where everyone can hang their keys when they come into the house. Currently, we are all using the hall tree so our keys are getting covered up by coats and it is just not working. My husband offered to go and buy a key rack. I protested reassuring him that I could make one easily. Yeah, easily if I am feeling it.

By the time I saw that board, and the nails I was going to use as hooks and realized I needed to finish it. I was actually feeling creative from completing the paintings. So I started to work on that. It is now on my table awaiting completion. My intention is to have it complete tomorrow and be able to share it with you. Because, honestly, it really is an easy project.

Do you have any creative projects you are working on? A new recipe? A storyline for the book you are dreaming of writing? Have you started a blog? Maybe a poem? Is there a dance class you are wanting to take or maybe a computer class at your local community college? Whatever your passion is, it is creative. The world needs all of our creative efforts. We really were created to create!

I hope you had a fantastic day!


The first steps back out...

It's all about taking that first step. "Just do it" is what I kept telling myself. "Just create!"  "Just write!" "Just post!" "Seriously, just play!" "What is wrong with you?" "Why are you not using your creativity?" It was as if my Spirit was screaming these questions at me, every day, all the time. And I didn't have an answer. I was stuck, buried in my own insecurities and self-doubt. I felt I had lost myself this last year. I felt just plain sad. 

My plan has been to make a commitment to use my creativity every day and share it here. I have been sitting in this blog for a while now because this blog will be my accountability partner, and I had to be ready. Yet, in order to do any piece of my plan, I have to...well...just start! Sometimes doing something that sounds easy is actually very difficult.

Those first steps can be scary. They definitely were for me. Fears and insecurities continued to scream, very loudly, in my head. Then there were those distractions, I am sure you understand those as well. It is all the "stuff" that needs to get done before I start. There have been hundreds of them over the past year. So I gave myself until January 2020 to start this blog and share my new daily creative journey. It's now January 14th, I have redone this blog and layout and settings and had to delete my first two posts because of formatting issues...so here I am, starting by just doing it, regardless of anything else.

Creating daily is one thing. Sharing it out here is another. The questions started bombarding me like more bullets hitting my Spirit. How do I do this? Where do I start? How do I reconnect? Why did I give up on my old blog that was already out here and built? And the oldies (but goodies) of excuses pile up quickly too; I'm too old. My health is not great. I lack the energy I use to have. What can I share that others could use in their lives? Do I have what it takes to show up daily? Can I really get back up, dust myself off, and start all over again? And...more importantly, what's the end game. I knew it was imperative that I was able to accept starting over, again, being honest and real, and not feeling like a loser.

For my first step, I restarted the practice of journaling every morning, also called Morning Pages by Julia Cameron in her book The Artist's Way. I also gave thanks and prayers every morning for being created to be a Creative. By creating a new morning ritual of journaling and gratitude, I was able to look at and then discard all of the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. I started to look forward to the mornings. I no longer woke up dreading another empty shallow day. I realize how important living a creative life is for me. And I also assumed there must be others out there who just need to find a way to take that first step towards their creative dreams as well.

The next step was to get all my mixed media supplies out of storage. This step allowed me to fill my creative space with paints, pens, markers, and paper. The enticing smells of paints, gel mediums, and inks tickled my nose. I quickly remembered how I love the feeling of making a mess on the canvas, on my hands, on my clothes...Suddenly I was painting again and my Spirit woke up. That itty bitty teeny weeny ember of a spark hidden deep inside my creative spirit burst into a burning flame of desire. The excitement of a blank canvas came back.

All of us have gone through difficult times in our lives that have left us on shaky ground...or brought us to our knees. I believe the experiences we face throughout our lives can be used in service to others. It doesn't matter that I am a Mixed Media Artist and your creativity may be in acting, writing, cooking, volunteering...We are all adding to the beauty of the world through our creativity. It all starts with those first baby steps. I want to share my steps, my daily creative life, in order to encourage and inspire you to find and use your creativity. And you can bring others in your life along with you. Maybe, like me, they need to take that first step too? The world is waiting for our creativity!